If you have any clothes you need to get rid of, you can drop them off here at the “Arms of Hope” donation box at the rear of the parking lot.





Art of Marriage - " We loved this so much. We are so glad we came & literally couldn't recommend it any more than we will. Simply put, this is going to change our marriage, but even more importantly, it's going to change our relationship with God. We are eternally grateful."


Art of Marriage - "...My husband and I spent an hour at the park last night talking about issues that we didn't realize were issues. We signed up to become stronger for our children and discovered many areas we were not as strong as we thought we were. We both cried as we asked for forgiveness for issues we were holding against ourselves, not even knowing the other was holding it in."


Art of Marriage - "My husband and I are newly starting our spiritual journey. I have to say this session was absolutely amazing. We still have a long way to go on our spiritual journey but this was a great start."

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