If you have any clothes you need to get rid of, you can drop them off here at the “Arms of Hope” donation box at the rear of the parking lot.





A.B.C. - Auditorium Bible Class

            "I want to know more about the Bible!"  "I wish there was a time that I could ask a question about what I am reading in the Scripture!"  Have these or other questions ever crossed your mind when it comes to the matter of attending an Adult Bible Class?  The class that we refer to as the "ABC" class is just that kind of place. The norm is for us to take a book of the Bible and go through it chapter by chapter.  Yet, there are quite a few times that we will spend the entire class time answering attendee's questions about what they are reading in their personal Bible time.  Allow me to offer this personal invitation for you to attend our class.  Couples or singles are welcome to be with us!