If you have any clothes you need to get rid of, you can drop them off here at the “Arms of Hope” donation box at the rear of the parking lot.




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How many eyes has a typical person?

Welcome to the Family

We are so thrilled you have joined us today at Parkview Baptist Church of Waco. As you look around, you will notice that we are just like family. We are all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and personalities. We are incredibly imperfect; but, by God's grace, we are growing and maturing to look more and more like our Father.

The purpose of today is to worship our Father. He is perfect and is worthy of our praise, attention, focus, and obedient response. We are not just coming to "get" from Him today; but to "give" our worship to Him, because of His worthiness and our gratitude for all He has done for us.

We are glad you are here, for we are always happy to set another place at the table! And.....we would love for you to be part of this family, too!

With a Warm Handshake,

John Collier, Pastor



About our Church

Parkview Baptist Church is more than a church. We are more than just a body of believers. We are a family. As a family, we not only care about the spiritual well-being of each member; we care about each one's day-to-day problems and joys as well.

Parkview Baptist Church has much to offer. From the youngest to the oldest, we have something for you. Please come by and visit with us, and you will find that we are not only a church with a heart, but we are a church with a new life.