The Auditorium Bible Class

The Auditorium Bible Class (ABC) is taught by Pastor Joey & Bro. Joe Lucarelli. Adult singles, couples, young and old are welcome to attend.


On any given Sunday, the lessons consist of Systematic Theology subjects such as Bibliology (The study of the Bible), Theology Proper (The study of God), Christology (The study of Christ), Pneumatology (The study of the Holy Spirit), Angelology (The study of Angels), Anthropology (The study of Mankind), Hamartiology (The study of Sin), Soteriology (The study of Salvation), Israelology (The study of Israel), Gentileology (The study of the Gentile Nations), Ecclesiology (The study of the Church), Aretology (The study of Christian Virtues), and Eschatology (The study of End Time Events/Prophecy).