Missions Outreach

Parkview Baptist Church supports over 80 different mission outreach ministries. These wonderful people and organizations are fulfilling the great commission by making the gospel known all over the world. We believe all people need to know the love of Jesus. Whether it be here in the United States, or on the foreign soil, we help Gods people that are called by God to go and fulfill this calling.

We encourage everyone to get involved. One of the many ways we support missions as a church body is through “Faith Promise”. We have seen God’s blessings on “Faith Promise for many years as He continues to work through the faithful pledges of His people”. 

Foreign Missions

Gary & Sherrie Lester - Australia
Carl & Cynthia Johnson - Brazil
Clifton & Tiffany Booth - Chile
Rick & Shannon Dove - Costa Rica
Tim Bundy - Ethiopia
Bruce & Joanna White - Germany
Tom & Sandy Hastings - Germany
David & Beth Lott - Peru
Nathan & Ruth Kinoshita - Japan
Guanue & Bendu Gbendah - Liberia
Bob & Betty Sue Smith - Mexico
Maxine Smith - Mexico
David & Darla West - Mexico
Bill & Carolyn Waldrop - Mexico
Les & Donna Garner - Mexico
Mike & Linda Tice - Mexico
Josh Clay - Mali
Andy & Stephanie Pace - Peru
Rick & Kathy Anderson - Peru
Tom & Carolyn Pace - Peru
Rick & Becky Martin - Philippines
Bruce & Jeanne Rice - Philippines
Mike & Sandi Reap - Philippines
James & Cheryl Pridgen - Uganda
Matt & Keila Stensaas - Uganda
Michelle Geiger - Uganda
Chico Pinto - Brazil
Jozef & Anna Abrman - Czech Republic
Andrew Canavan - Ireland
Roxanne Ribeiro - Brazil

Deaf Missions

Scott & Tricia Crabtree


Mark Thrift


Shane Mayberry - American Carnivals
Chuck Sligh - US Military
Harry & Donna Lippert - Missionary Construction
BEAMS - Bible Ministry
Dana & Julie Dice - Church Planting, Queens, NY
James &Mary Ray - International BIMI Rep.
Joe & Diane Moody - 40 Window
Bearing precious seed - Bibles
Christian Law Association
David & Barbara Snyder - BIMI Pres. and Gen. Dir.
Toru Marshall - NOW Founder
David & Jenny Harris - BIMI Far East Director
James Butler - BIMI International Office Director
Evangelist David Corn
Dayspring Camp
Cynthia Castillo - EBI - Spanish Publications
John & Cindy McElroy - BEAMS Bible Ministry
Tom Lancaster - Military