Preacher's Corner


                Some years ago I heard for the first time the gospel song “Faces.”  God used Rodney Griffin to pen the words of this great song.  The message of this song teaches us such a wonderful truth, that you and I may not know this side of heaven of how many lives we were able to influence.  How can a person make an impact on the life of someone?  First, we will influence people for good if we know Jesus Christ and live our lives for Him.  A great hindrance to God’s work is when some who profess Him do not live a life that gives evidence to this.  Next, we can help other people by praying for them consistently.  I have found that I need a prayer list.  I cannot remember all the people I need to take to the Lord in prayer.  A prayer list will aid in keeping those on it before us.  Just a thought…  Do you have written down reminders to pray for missionaries that we support?  What about church members who have special needs?  Do you have lost people on your list that you ask God to save?  Thirdly, be faithful to church.  I have often wondered about when a church member is not in church.  What kind of influence are they having on those around them at regular church times?  If they know my church is meeting, do you think they may wonder whether I should have been in church?  Just thinking!  Lastly, I can be a good influence by talking to them about the Lord.  I could share my testimony or how the Lord has blessed me. 
The song “Faces” tells the account of person who had lived their life in faithfulness to the Lord and then went to heaven thinking they had accomplished little for the Lord.  The Lord told, “You did not see the yield, but you were faithful to plow the field.  And at other times you planted the seed.”  Then, in great love and compassion the Lord said, “Turn around and see the souls you helped to free!”  It was then the Lord showed him all the faces!  I must ask myself the question: How many faces in my life did I really make a difference; in how many souls did I really help to save?  Do you not1 want your entrance to heaven to begin with “Well Done!”  I do!  Amen!