Preacher's Corner


October 27, 2020
To Our Parkview Family,
            These have been some of the most trying times.  I am not an alarmist nor a pessimist, but I feel as though I have a realist outlook on life. The times in which we are living are some of the most difficult.  For my entire life, even before I was saved, I have heard preachers say that the coming of the Lord is near.  Now, at my age, I truly do believe that His coming is near.  There are several reasons I believe this.  In the Olivet discourse in Matthew 24 and 25, our Lord is teaching about the “End Times!”  As you read and study these two chapters, you need to be incredibly careful, because our Lord Jesus is teaching about both the Rapture of the Church and His Second Advent or Coming.  As you know, the Rapture opens the way for Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet, to come on the scene and begin what the Bible refers to as the Tribulation Period or Daniel’s Seventieth Week.  This horrible time will last seven years from the signing of a peace treaty with Israel by the Antichrist until the Second Coming of our Lord. 
            If we are near the Rapture, then it stands to reason that we will begin to see things that will come to full light after the Church is taken to heaven.  We must note that during the Tribulation, there will be false religion (Matthew 24:5); wars and talk about wars (Matthew 24:6).  Our generation, more than any before us, are able to hear about and even see wars being fought all over the globe.  During this seven-year period, there will be conflicts between different races (nation shall rise against nation), military conflicts between nations (kingdom against kingdom), famines and earthquakes all over the world (Matthew 24:7).  There will be a hatred from the unsaved of this world against those who believe in Jesus Christ.  There are people in Washington, D.C. that desire to see churches closed.  You are witnessing this before your very eyes and are hearing it with your ears. 
            Please read what I am about to write with your spiritual heart and eyes open.  It is time for the Church to be the Church!  It is time for every believer in Jesus Christ to be open and powerful about their allegiance to the God of the Bible.  We have been silent way too long!  It is time for our voice to be heard.  You and I must take our stand with God and His church, making sure our colors are clear.  We are losing our freedoms and are allowing the unsaved and haters of God to be the leaders!
            Having said this…we are coming back to church on November 8.  Parkview Baptist Church is going to be one of the churches in America that will not bow, bend, or close. By the Grace of God, we will do our part to bring this country back to our roots.  Please join us on November 8 for all of our services, including Sunday school.